Partial solar eclipse

This week ended with a major astronomical event on friday: a solar eclipse.

While it was only a partial eclipse here in Berlin, it was still pretty fascinating. All of us at work went to the roof on the 13th floor of our building, armed with solar eclipse goggles. I did not have my DSLR with me, but i managed to prepare my smartphone with some foil and took a few shots of the event.


While it did not get as dark as I had imagined, it still got noticeably colder as the sun’s heat seemed to be gone.

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Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam in Berlin

Today I have been at a concert of one of my favorite musicians: Cat Stevens. He played at the Tempodrom Berlin. The event was sold out but I was lucky to get a ticket in the second row in front of the stage. I also suceeded to sneek my camera into the concert and had the chance to make some great shots with it:

The last time he was in Berlin was in May of 2011 where he played in the o2 World. You can see a recording of this event at my YouTube-Channel:

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A sunny Sunday stroll

Yesterday I took a walk home. Usually I just take the public transport but I thought it’s such a beautiful day, why not walk? I started in Wittenau, after lunch with my parents who just returned from a long weekend at the Harz, and walked the exact route of the U8 subway line from Wittenau to Paracelsus Bad.

My first stop to take a photo was just after a few meters. On the other side of the street was this beautiful building of a local lawyer. With big letters on the wall marking the current purpose of this building (KANZLEI – CHANCERY).


A few meters down the street was this well-preserved brick house.


In the backyard of another building I discovered this garden.


After walking down the “Eichborndamm” coming from “U Wittenau” I arrived at Alt-Wittenau – and the old village church of Wittenau.


Between Alt-Wittenau and Rathaus Reinickendorf (town hall of my district) I found this assortment of figures.


The town hall of my district Reinickendorf.

IMG_5324  IMG_5328


Just across the street is this “green house”.


On the forecourt is a beautiful flower bed.


Further along the route my path crossed the Nordgraben – a drainage ditch connecting the Panke with the Tegeler See.

IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5362

Between the stations Rathaus Reinickendorf and Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik I walked past this house.


Finally, just before arriving at Paracelsus Bad, I walked past an area of allotments.


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Welcome to my blog

Dear reader,

I welcome you to my personal photography blog.
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