A sunny Sunday stroll

Yesterday I took a walk home. Usually I just take the public transport but I thought it’s such a beautiful day, why not walk? I started in Wittenau, after lunch with my parents who just returned from a long weekend at the Harz, and walked the exact route of the U8 subway line from Wittenau to Paracelsus Bad.

My first stop to take a photo was just after a few meters. On the other side of the street was this beautiful building of a local lawyer. With big letters on the wall marking the current purpose of this building (KANZLEI – CHANCERY).


A few meters down the street was this well-preserved brick house.


In the backyard of another building I discovered this garden.


After walking down the “Eichborndamm” coming from “U Wittenau” I arrived at Alt-Wittenau – and the old village church of Wittenau.


Between Alt-Wittenau and Rathaus Reinickendorf (town hall of my district) I found this assortment of figures.


The town hall of my district Reinickendorf.

IMG_5324  IMG_5328


Just across the street is this “green house”.


On the forecourt is a beautiful flower bed.


Further along the route my path crossed the Nordgraben – a drainage ditch connecting the Panke with the Tegeler See.

IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5362

Between the stations Rathaus Reinickendorf and Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik I walked past this house.


Finally, just before arriving at Paracelsus Bad, I walked past an area of allotments.


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